New design, New spirit for the New year

" We do not succeed in changing things according to our desire, but gradually our desire changes. With the new desire, new spirit and in the new year we revamped ourselves with the new look to serve you better "

 -- - A journey of WASE WORLD

 Give your comment on the new look of ... :)


  1. is looking very good in new design look.

  2. may i know when does MS class for 2013 starts for first year as we didnt get any info on it.pls do this needful...

  3. @ Padma priya

    The first semester classes start from 1st or 2nd week of Feb.
    All the best for your MS journey in wipro for 4 years.
    hope you will share your experience in this blog. :)

  4. should we have to register for the MS classes for 2013 or will we receive any registartion forms regarding MS as we have not received any mails regarding the classes and registartion for it

  5. @Malika

    You need to fill MS admission form, which will be scheduled in Jan, your wase coordinator will inform you about this.
    For more info: Contact your WASE-Center coordinator regarding the MS classes.
    All the best... ☺

  6. sure!!!!we did not get any info abt wase ms class till now.when will receive it.and who is our wase coordinator for cdc.can you pls help in this.....

  7. hi,
    i hav been selected for the wase program. i just wanted to know whether waseians will be working in development field or in testing field. plz do rply

  8. @Anonymous(April 15, 2013 at 7:17 AM)
    It depends on the technology in which you will be trained in wipro after joining.
    See this : Different Technologies - Training

  9. ok thank u teja :)

  10. I am working in Wipro as a SIM trainee.Now 2nd semester is going on for MS degree.May I know what will be the designation of us after completing the course successfully during 5yrs????


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