Pathetic results, still having the same fun... ☺

OMG..!! :O

      Results are out for Mid-semester....
Results are pathetic for almost all the waseians (specially semester II) except some good n senior waseians (Exception :P).
In every class/section, the results are same (so, no need to compare with other section friends :P ).
I.e. 0-10 = 30%, 11-15 = 50%, 16-25=9.8% and 26-30=0.2% lolzz :P.

Still enjoying the wase college life same as the before.(no kam, no zyada... infact zyada.. :D).
Favorite place for this is always BACK Benches... :D .

our favorite benche will alwys be last benches, as because TOP 3 Reasons (wit pics only)

n specially

anyhow we successfully finished the mid exam and waiting for final battle -- Semester Final exams :@ :-$

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