Mid - semester 2 materials

Hi all,

Sorry for late post but came with good materials to refer for remaining two exams (specially for Semester 2)

Download UNIX MCQ's and Q&A's

Download Java MCQ's and Q&A's

Yesterday, my exam experience was very bad, i think exam was very tough... :(

How about yours???

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  1. U r right Ravi...yesterday's exam was too bad... :)

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  2. I unable to download the file... Please help

  3. @Anonymous
    I'm able to download it, check again - may be you proxy is not allowing it

  4. hi sir,
    this is anjali.i'm pursuing BScIT from kuvempu university which will get completed in this year june.can i apply for wase 2013.if yes then how bcoz whatever the form i'm getting to fill for applying with job code 205 is not working.plz help me.

  5. hi seniors,
    am a wasian 2012 my ms classes has started last saturday oly......every one is scaring me a lot......pls help me and let me knw will it be too tough and they will fail us raipdly ah????

  6. @Puja rani ( Anjali)
    Check this link to apply for WASE program : Wipro - WASE Program

    @Anonymous(April 8, 2013 at 8:02 PM)
    Don't worry about the syllabus and exams, they are very easy, just need to secure some marks(very easy) to get out of worry about fail.

    All the best ☺
    Note : Please mention your name to address you in my reply

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