2nd Semester...

Hi friends, Second semester has started, so i wish you all the best...
Some students said Second semester is difficult than the first one and if you see the subjects of 2nd semester, you may or may not think like that(express your thinking through comments).

Second Semester syllabus
  • System Programming
  • Advanced Programming Techniques
  • Computer Organization & Architecture   
  • Data Structure & Algorithms
We will discuss one by one.

1) System Programming :
         It includes "UNIX commands and Shell scripting". UNIX commands are very simple. As like command prompt commands in Windows, there are some commands used in UNIX to perform some tasks.
But Shell scripting is some what difficult. For programmers it is interesting topic, because it includes programs that will be executed in UNIX platform and using this, you can create a "Shell" for UNIX (but have to work hard).

2) Advanced Programming :
       It includes advanced concepts of JAVA. For java people it will be very easy.

3) Computer Organization & Architecture :
     It includes topics like :- Computer architecture - CPU, Memory, I/O, CPU Scheduling, etc...
It will be very difficult if you miss the first lectures.

4) Data Structure & Algorithms :
     Algorithms are very very easy if you think in manner of solving a problem. It also includes topic Data Structure :- Stack, Queue, Linked List, Tree, Graphs, etc...
You should know the basic concept about data structure, once you got - Data structures will be like A B C D's...

All the best for the semester.

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