Get ready for Open Book Examination…

It might sound simple when you hear “OPEN BOOK EXAMS” 
In fact open book exams are not easy.
Open book exams teach you how to find information when you need it that is the main goal of BITS Pilani conducting open book examination.

Open book exams are more difficult than traditional closed book exams because the questions illicit higher order thinking and the answer to the question will not appear in a single paragraph in your text--or even on a single page.
WASE Comprehensive Exam (Open Book) consists of 60% weightage with 3 hours duration. As comprehensive exam weightage is more than closed book keep few things in mind before preparing for the exam.

Open Book exams require you to
  •    learn for understanding rather than just remembering
  •    understand how to find information
  •    make good notes and organize materials for fast reference
  •    apply the information in your sources to the questions
For Open Book exams, find out:
  •    the materials you can take into the exam room : For WASE you can take only the prescribed text books along with hand written notes
  •    how much time you have : Exam would of 3 hours
  •    the topic areas the exam will cover : Just go through the handouts before preparing notes
  •    How long answers should be: Based on the marks question should be answered.
All the best...

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  1. thanks for info...
    can we take printouts in open book exam?

  2. no we can't take print out..
    only hand written notes and books are allowed

  3. nice & helpful post.. thanx..

  4. Nice article suman ..thanks for info :)

  5. really nice SUMAN GUPTA.. ;)

  6. so Suman Gupta, even u hv started writing blogs now.. good.. keep it up.. hope ur "WORK" & STUDIES r goin fine..
    hope u reach high positions in ur life..
    God bless.. :)
    Take care dear..

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    or... :O :D

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  10. are the xerox of hand written notes allowed?

    1. yes, you are allowed to bring xerox of hand written notes to open book exam...


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