Wipro Benefits Fest - Feb, 2012

Wipro Events @ all centers:

Wipro had conducted "Wipro Benefits Fest" in almost all centers in India (5 cities).
On that fest, they conducted different games and lots of people were participated in the games.

I came to know about that fest at afternoon. (i didn't read the mail about the wipro fest, n deleted it.. as usually.. :P)
Afternoon i went there and enjoyed a lot with friends by playing different games.

Most of the wipro employees didn't know about the fest because they were very busy with their work.
(comeon guys... only work is not a life... njoy when you get a chance... or create some chances to get njoymnt... :D)

Some of my friends got prizes, (they won in some games)... after seeing those prizes i thought to play the games...n i participated.... bt didn't get any prize... :(

The day was superb, met with new new friends... enjoyed a lot... :)

Share your experience here (If you have any)


  1. i toooo enjyd alot with ma friends on wipro fest at banglore.......
    it was very nice fest.....

  2. And I won prize in FIT For LIFE game.


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