Server... Down.. Down...

server is down
Last time when we were giving Mid semester exams, servers were down ( they were running like hell.... ).

We entered into the class and sat in our seats according to good studying friends wise :P, once started the exams, we were getting trouble for login into the server to start the exam, after that to submitting the exam.
The duration or schedule for an exam is of 1 hour, but it took 3 hours to complete one exam including login, answering and submitting.

Wipro server were working like hell...

It was happened twice for this exams. The second time, when they were conducted the exams again, on that day - we faced server problem.
Two exams had  to finish on that day, but finished only one exam and other exams are postponed to this weekend. i.e. this Saturday (28th April, 2012)

Don't know, what will be happened on that day...

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  1. Again server will be going to go down...

  2. we want --> server... down.. down... :P

  3. Calm Friends..Everything will be fine this time :)

  4. 2day exam was awesome and mainly servers... :)

  5. Servers Good...... but my marks are????.....:(:(:(

  6. hey i got selected for TCS ignite And Wase can i join please response

    1. Never join TCS ignite program.
      Wase is much better then Ignite.
      In ignite you have no gd pay and no education like MS in Wase.
      There you have to pay and study in Ignite.

  7. sumen,
    Can you tell me about TCS ignite.... ??

  8. proud of wase....

  9. Hi friends,
    Any one tell when wase MS start

  10. @Akash Deep

    Every year MS starts from

    Feb-Jun - 1st semester
    July-Dec - 2nd semester


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