Real Life Lab (RLL)

The Real Life Lab (RLL) provides you an opportunity to assimilate the understanding of TRP courses and carry out a real life case study before you are deputed to projects.

Procedure of RLL:
External professors will come and they will divide your class into group of two-two members and give you "Requirements Specification or Case study of a project".
Your group members have to divide the task and work on it.

Tasks includes:
  1. Analysis the Requirements
  2. Design the Project
  3. Preparation of Test Cases
  4. Coding
  5. Testing 
  6. Maintenance
Each task having some marks. Total RLL marks = 40

After Coding phase, you have to give a presentation on what you have done in the project in front of the entire class... (OMG...!!!)

Once coding phase is done,, you have to Test the application. NOT your project, you have to test the opposite team project. (Professor will decide the teams)
You have note done bugs in that application (i.e. Project) in BugTracking sheet and fix the bugs i.e. maintaining the project.
Opposite team will do same for your project. i.e they will test your project and find some bugs and fix the bugs.
Once this phase is done, again you have to give presentation on Maintenance phase. i.e. What you have done in this phase and what are the bugs that you have fixed, etc...

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  1. we have to give the presentation after the training session or before it????

  2. while training, You have to give three presentations after completion of projects.
    One is for Mini-project and two are for RLL.

  3. dear sir,
    can you please tell me what is the percentage or pass mark for TRP part-1 assessment.I am very confused.And please tell me what is the role of the stream Enterprise Content Management in IT industry.please help me by clarifiying the query.

  4. sir i have been selected in wipro wase this year and i just heard from our college teachers that before joining a test is going to be conducted in which the student have to secure 80% marks... is that true sir????
    sourav ghosh
    dsms college, durgapur, west bengal

    1. Yes. With ur joining mail, u will b sent a link to attend d test(tests i mean!) in which u have to score min 80%

  5. @Sourav Ghosh,
    After Joining Wipro Wase, You have to clear 3 Months training at Wipro Location where in you have to scored minimum 70%.

  6. what if we are not able to attain minimum marks in the test ???

  7. When the training session of 2014 batch will start???????
    please reply soon?????

  8. Sir, i have been selected for WASE 2014 program and i have received offer letter but
    i have not received any joining mail. I just want to know that is there any test again before training ( l mean when i will get my joining mail then at that time will i get any type of link in which i have to give any test again ?????)

  9. has just started..

  10. Is there any elimination during training if a student failed to score 70% and above???


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