Project Readiness Program (PRP) - Training

Once you joined wipro as a WASEian or Project Engineer, you have to attend the training called "Project Readiness Program (PRP)"

The Project Readiness Program (PRP) prepares them for the project and fills in any gaps, before enrolling for the MS program. They are required to attend the four modules of training for a period of 10 weeks.

Training Modules are
  1. Corporate Readiness Program (CRP)
  2. Fundamental Readiness Program (FRP)
  3. Technical Readiness Programme (TRP)
  4. Real Life Lab (RLL) 


  1. i read somewhere that we are bound to give an exam after our initial training...and if we fail in that, we are terminated from joining that true? if it is true, what is the percentage of students failing in the intial training every year?

  2. only in training u've to got above 70% marks....... :)

    1. I got 71% marks in final attempt.
      But the creteria is 75%.
      Will they eliminate me from wipro?

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  3. @rahul
    don't worry, waseians will get 2 more chances to clear the exam.

  4. i have got BAS- BFSI Testing... What Stream is tat ???


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