Plan your Accommodation

Wipro doesn't provide any Accommodation for Trainees.
When you get offer later from wipro along with the Training location, you have to think about Accommodation.
But wipro provides accommodation expenses for 7 days, that will be credited in your account within 2 or 3weeks after joining date.

Options for Accommodation:
  1. Hostel :
    • You can choose a best hotel near by the company.            
    • Hostel provides 
      • Room + Food
      • Only Room
  2. Flat for Rent :
    • Choose a 2BHK/3BHK... flat near by the company.
    • You have to manage for food.
Better Option :
    • If you are with friends and can manage food (cook / outside) then go for a good Flat.
    • Or if you are alone, then Better option is Hostel. 

Dear friends, if you know any Hotel Details in any Wipro Center (that you experienced), Please Share your Information.

Wipro Center :
Hostel Name :
Food Facility : Yes/No
Hostel Quality: Very Bad / Bad / Good / Very Good/ Excellent
Hostel Address:
Rent per month. :
Contact No. :
Distance from Wipro Office(in KM) :
Your Experience in that Hostel :


  1. Wipro Center : BDC-SJP2.
    Hostel Name : High Tech PG
    Food Facility : No
    Hostel Quality: Good
    Hostel Address: 29th main , 10 th cross, BTM 2nd stage,Bangaluru.
    Contact No. : M N Narasimahaiah (9845616116)
    Distance from Wipro Office(in KM) : 15
    Your Experience in that Hostel : Good pg if you are searching for without food pg. Its near to madhivala lake so u will have a lake view.

  2. By Siva Rakesh Kumar GundaMarch 2, 2012 at 5:57 PM

    Wipro Center : PDC
    Hostel Name : J M J Mens hostel
    Food Facility : Yes
    Hostel Quality: Good
    Hostel Address: Dange Chowk, Pune
    Contact No. : Raja Reddy - 8888967879
    Distance from Wipro Office(in KM) : 4kms
    Your Experience in that Hostel : Maintainance is good, good for south indian people...

  3. Wipro Center : PDC
    Hostel Name : Maa Hostel
    Food Facility : Yes
    Hostel Quality: Good
    Hostel Address: Dange Empire,Dange Chowk,Thergaon, Pune-411033
    Contact No. : Mr. Babu - 9890148077/9325259988 and Mr. Manas - 8805039933.
    Distance from Wipro Office(in KM) : 5 KM
    Rent per Month : 4,500 and 2,000 Advance (From 2,000 Advance Get only 1,000 after Leaving the hostel)
    Your Experience in that Hostel : Problem with Bed bugs, Get bored eating the same food most of the days(e.g. Ragama……), Congested(In one room there will be 3-5 beds)

    Note:- U should fill a Vacant form 7 days before leaving the hostel otherwise u will not get ur 1000 advance.

  4. Wipro Center : PDC
    Hostel Name : Arnav Nest
    Food Facility : No
    Hostel Quality: Very Good
    Hostel Address: Arnav Nest Near Wakad Highway, Hinjewadi Pune.
    Rent per month. : 3000
    Contact No. :
    Distance from Wipro Office(in KM) : 2.5KM
    Your Experience in that Hostel : Hostel is clean with 24Hrs hot water, the only thing which they dont provide is food but they do provide Microwave and Induction chulah for cooking and washing machine for washing cloth.

  5. Wipro Center : HDC
    Food Facility : Yes
    Hostel Quality: Good
    Hostel Address: Near Hitech Theater, Madhapur
    Rent per month. : 5000
    Contact No. : 9502325434
    Distance from Wipro Office(in KM) :10
    Your Experience in that Hostel : could have been better if she(hostel owner)does not used to look into my plate when i used to have dinner. :-(
    Food was good. With some power cut and LCD TV.

  6. is this for hyderabad or pune? is dis current or past experience? and r u currently staying in pune or hyderabad..

    plz reply as i need to get a hostel quickly.. so my hostel decision will depend on the current conditions. plz reply quickly..

  7. above are the hostel addresses for pune (PDC) and hyderabad(HYD)...

  8. hey sorry raviteja for my earlier behavior.. i didnt mean to b rude.. its jst dat i was...
    forget it..
    im really sorry. so no hard feelings... :(

  9. It's ok friend...
    but remember one thing
    "Words once spoken cannot be taken back".
    so, please...

  10. my joining date is on 11th june 2012 and i am alone so any one have a best hostel address near by wipro then pls email me (
    pls help me

  11. Hi,
    mention your center(location) name.

  12. pls anyone suggest me the good hostel at BDC

    incuding food facility......

  13. send me the pg addresses,food facility and rent in HDC.
    My joining date is 6th aug.

  14. Once you got joining date and having any queries
    @ HDC : Contact Me (Raviteja) - 08125894561
    @ BDC : Contact Madhusudhan - 08951360254

    We can help.

  15. Hi am from chennai.
    Pls suggest me good PG in Pune ASAP..
    My joining date is Aug 21st...

  16. @Jagath
    refer the above comments.
    PDC center means Pune Development Center.

  17. sir,
    suggest some good PG'S (with food facility) in BDC which is near wipro office.

  18. Hello sir,
    I got selected in wipro wase.Also got my enrollment letter. My date of joining is 3rd september 2012 and the location is pune. sir please help me that how to plan accommodation.

  19. hello i am also reporting in pune on 3rd september 2012 please help me for my accomdation

  20. hiii prabhu my self sitanshu tyagi. i am from delhi and where are you from joinig date is also in pune on 3rd september...

  21. hello i got selected for wase and i am to join in at banglore on 9th october. i am from kerala. i have not yet found a place to stay please suggest a near by cheap place to stay.

  22. can anybody please suggest me any flat for rent near hyderabad and bengluru office with the address of these two...........

  23. Wipro Center : CDC-5 or CDC-2
    Hostel Name : Kasthuri Ladies Hostel
    Food Facility : Yes
    Hostel Quality: Good
    Hostel Address: Near Karapakkam shiva temple, exactly behind the bus stop.
    Rent per month. : 2 sharing 4200, 3 sharing 4300, 4sharing 4400
    Contact No. :9884614782
    Distance from Wipro Office(in KM) :1 KM
    Your Experience in that Hostel : 4 months

  24. can anyone make a tabel of all accomodations . it will help new comers . if you got contact with wase employees try to get all details .

  25. @Programer

    Thanks for your suggestion :)
    Even we are trying to provide all the accommodation details at one place, but it will take some time.

  26. any boys hostel or Pg near CDC-5..Please help

  27. Looking for a boys hostel Near CDC-5.

  28. My final exams finished on the 31st of may and i have also received the enrollment letter, when can i expect my joining ?

  29. looking for a 2bhk flat near cdc5.plz help

  30. what about the accommodation at kolkata

  31. Hi looking for a good Male PG near Wipro,Kochi. Kindly help me out.


  33. can anyone suggest pg's for girls near wipro greater noida

  34. How to apply transfer accomdation in wipro ?I got trained in Hyderabad and my work location is Chennai. Please suggest

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