oN Joining Day...

For the first time, everyone has enthusiastic to go and see new place. Same way, even I was so much enthusiastic on my Joining day for training in Pune, Wipro (i.e. Monday, 27th Jun, 2011).
On the day of  Reporting, they said that "your training will get started from Monday onwards".

I was thinking 'what will be the training all about, and in which technology i will be trained?????' as I wanted to be get trained in JAVA.

The day was started, Sir had come, he was WASE Coordinator, explained the schedule of training. But not the technology in which we will be trained.
I was suppose to ask about the Technology, but thought like 'Not the right time to Ask' (bcoz that was my first day).

He Explained about:
  • About Wipro
  • Training Schedule
  • After Training
    • After training, you will be assigned to one project for development, support or maintenance based on the Wipro Business Requirements.
    •  My Points : 
      •  To getting any project, your TI manager is the responsible. He has to take care of you to get allocated to any project. He has to make sure that you will be assigned in the same technology in which you get trained. (In some situations, you may get assigned in different technology)
      • See What neXt- after completion of Training?  
  • Your Career in Wipro
    • After completion of WASE program (4 Years), You will have bright future in Wipro or in any IT company.
    • Because, after 4 years you will get :
      • Good IT Platform
      • Knowledge
      • MS Degree from BITS Pilani
      • Four Years Experience Certificate form Wirpo Technologies
After that session, another sir had come and started with 1st Module of training.
i.e.  CRP (Corporate Readiness Program ) :) :)

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