Introduction to Computers - Semester I

What is a Computer?
1.       Computer
a.       Device capable of performing computations and making logical decisions
b.      Computers process data under the control of sets of instructions called computer programs
2.       Hardware
a.       Various devices comprising a computer
b.      Keyboard, screen, mouse, disks, memory, CD-ROM, and processing units
3.       Software
a.       Programs that run on a computer

Six logical units in every computer:
1.       Input unit
a.       Obtains information from input devices (keyboard, mouse)
2.       Output unit 
a.       Outputs information (to screen, to printer, to control other devices)
3.       Memory unit
a.       Rapid access, low capacity, stores input information
4.       Arithmetic and logic unit (ALU)
a.       Performs arithmetic calculations and logic decisions
5.       Central processing unit (CPU) 
a.       Supervises and coordinates the other sections of the computer
6.       Secondary storage unit 
a.       Cheap, long-term, high-capacity storage
b.      Stores inactive programs
Functional Units of a Computer:
Functional Units of a Computer


  1. Introduction part is very good.
    These are the main basic points of Computer System.


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