What is WASE...???

WASE Wipro
WASE stands for Wipro Academy of Software Excellence.
Wipro Technologies India’s leading IT company initiated the WASE Programme – Wipro Academy of Software Excellence in 1995. It is the oldest and the most successful Earn while you Learn Programme in the country.
It is an initiative taken in form of a course to ensure better education in India. WASE course offers various opportunities to candidates for higher education in form of MS course in Computer Science to students of  various courses like B.Sc., BCM and BCA.
This course concentrates more on technical and practical training throughout the course duration rather than theoretical knowledge only.
WASE provides best in class IT training to young graduates
like yourselves equipping you with the knowledge to cope with the ever-changing face of the Information Technology revolution.

Click Here for Wipro WASE PDF

WASE Course:
WASE course by Wipro is a 4 year i.e. Eight Semesters (Semester details) MS Programme in Software Engineering, received from Birla Institute of Technology & Science ( BITS ), Pilani (Rajasthan, India) which is considered to be one of the prime institutes for technical training courses.
This is equivalent to the full time MS degree course offered by BITS, Pilani.

WASE provides you an opportunity to pursue 8-semesters (four years) off-campus collaborative MS Programme, along with offering you the best IT platform, soft skills and providing live project exposure.

Why should you choose WASE?
  • An opportunity to work in the field of IT with a reputed company
  • On the job training to work on complex projects and the best mentors
  • Gain experience while earning, a chance to become financially independent
  • A Masters degree from an institution which is respected the world over

Who can Join :
WASE is a "Earn while you Learn" Program. If you want both,  Earn and Study (MS), then WASE is a right choice for you. Join Wipro WASE program.

Note: You may get low salary (it's not salary, it is Stipend. see Stipend - not Salary). but after completion of 4 years, you will get MS Certificate as well as good salary opportunities from Wipro and other companies.

Source: wipro.com

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  1. see this link (SIM)

    My suggestion would be - go for engineering (BE), after completion of BE you will have more opportunities.

    All the best... ☺

  2. Hello
    I m Last Year (Sem V) Bsc IT student, i want to know when to submit WASE Forms & where to submit, Please Reply because date may pass ...
    I have already submitted one form from 2 months ago wipro site
    Link : https://synergy.wipro.com/NASApp/com/WiproCareers.jsp?inner=WiproUniWT&JobCode=171#

    But they have not replied about confirmation or anything like that .

    Please Help !!

  3. Hi harikesh,
    once your sem VI completes, just mail me your resume, i will refer you.
    Don't worry about job now, concentrate on your studies bcoz Last year is very imortant...
    All the best...

  4. Thanks but would you please explain me how to submit form, where to submit and when to submit ???
    And how would i get confirmation about entrance enrollment ??

  5. Respected Sir,
    I am interested in WASE,
    1.Can you please tell me whether Semester exams comprise of MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) or not ??

    2. MS in what particular field will be given after completion of Course ?

    3. What sort of Ideal Preparation is required in order to get selected in first Attempt ?

  6. @Anonymous:
    1. Each Semester : MCQ's (30) + Theory (60) + Assignment (10) = 100 marks

    2. MS - Software Engineering

    3. Tittle preparation for entrance exam and Have confident on your self and be positive. :)

    For more WASE Selection Procedure

  7. Hi,

    I guess it is MS Software Systems from this year. On the second day of my training at HDC, when I asked abt MS details, one of the trainers mentioned Software Systems instead of Software Engg. Can any senior find out from the BITS people and clarify. Even on the BITS portal, I couldn't find MS Soft.Engg. http://www.bits-pilani.ac.in/university/wilp/WILPProgrammes

  8. Hi Aditya,
    No... It is MS in software Engineering and this courses is offered by BITS PILANI.

  9. approximately how much salary can be expected after completion of 4yrs of wase program?

  10. 5.25 lacs to 6 lacs

  11. I heard from seniors that from now onwards new waseians dont get BITS degree. Is it true or fake news

  12. @Anonymous (March 26, 2013 at 10:34 PM)
    We don't have any updates on this.
    Once we get, will publish on this blog.

  13. hi...I m doing B.sc(IT) studying in second year......I want to know that...... how can I get admission in WASE......after complete my graduation in the next year.....and how many total fees of WASE program......please suggest...

  14. how much salary get after completion of MS WASE program.........

    1. depends on ur perfrmnce..
      approxmtly 5 to 6 LPA (if u stays in wipro)

  15. Is there any center in Mumbai for doing WASE program. Suggest me.!!

  16. i got selected for wase in feb 2014 annd had got my LOI
    whe will i get my appointment letter
    and when will be the joining from???

  17. hey... i have received my joining letter and hav to report in HDC for training on the 5th of august.. can u please clarify wether the MS degree which we will obtain after 4 yrs will b certified as a proper DEGREE or just a distance learning degree... also wether this degree will b exceptable at other platforms or nt...

  18. Hey where our 4 yrs course of Ms degree will occur..... In banglore or rajasthan?


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