WASE - All Semester Subjects (4 yrs)

1st Semester subjects
SE** ZC211 Mathematics I
SE** ZC221 Structured Programming
SE** ZC252 Discrete Structures for Computer Science
SE** ZC261 Digital Electronics & Microprocessors

2nd Semester subjects

SE** ZC212 Mathematics II
SE** ZC222 Advanced Programming Techniques
SE** ZC413 Computer Organization & Architecture
SE** ZC415 Data Structures & Algorithms

3rd Semester subjects
SE** ZC213 Probability & Statistics
SE** ZC461 Software Engineering
SE** ZC322 Database Management Systems
SE** ZC422 Operating Systems

4th Semester subjects
SE** ZC432 Object Oriented Programming
SE** ZC241 Principles of Management
SE** ZC421 Computer Networks
SE** ZC362 Programming Languages & Compiler Construction

5th Semester subjects

SE** ZG659 Technical Communication
SE** ZG512 Object Oriented Analysis & Design
SE** ZG511 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
SE** ZC462 Network Programming

6th  Semester subjects

SE** ZG651 Software Architectures
SE** ZG661 Software Quality Management
SE** ZC473 Multimedia Computing
SE** ZC451 Internetworking Technologies

7th Semester subjects
SE** ZG514 Data Warehousing
SE** ZG552 Software Testing Methodologies
SE** ZG622 Software Project Management
SE** ZG513 Network Security

8th Semester subjects

SE** ZG629T Dissertatation(project)

Note: Replace the ** in the course number with the two letter acronym for the company at which the course is offered.


  1. Guys can any one please suggest what books to buy for 2nd semester with their author name and cover page. So that it will be easy to buy.....

  2. is there any differences between wase and wista syllabus ? pls help

  3. guys I want the contents of the syllabus(the pdf for 4th sem).
    Pls. suggest

  4. anyone have the syllabus of wista


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