My First Day in Wipro @ Pune

My reporting date was 24th June, 2011 and I reached pune on the same day.
Pune is a nice city and hinjewadi was not so good, it was like a village, but Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Cognizant, etc... companies are there in Hinjewadi, Phase-I & II.
I was suppose to reach PDC(Wipro-Pune Development Center) at 8:30AM, but I reached at 10:00 AM, because the place(pune) was new for me, so i got late.
First Day Introduction Session was in Topaz room. It was good and learnt something about Wipro WASE program. and after that we have to fill form, sorry FORMS i.e. Joining Form, Contract Form, Bank Account Opening Form, etc... (lot of forms to fill)
After that we had Tea break at 10.30AM, they had provided some snacks and tea (for free, only for that day :( ) and also Lunch at 12.30PM.
After lunch break, some Bank's representatives came and gave introduction on benefits of there banks. Banks were ICICI, HDFC, KOTAK & CITI, i took HDFC bank account. We started fun from the first day (with that bank representatives regards benefits n drawbacks ).
After that they mentioned Monday i.e. 27th June, 2011 was our joining date and Training get started from that day, after listing this words, we were enthusiastically waiting for Monday.
I got so many friends - good friends on my First Day. Some of them are Raghavan, Sachin, Arun, Muthuvel, etc...
In short, My First Day in PDC was great and can't forgettable and i was very lucky to meet such a nice friends.

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  1. hello, you had great experience. i'm also looking for the same in my first day in wipro.

    Which training location is good for wipro training?

    1. Vizag u can enoy like hell there

  2. hi frnd (Anonymous),
    Wipro is providing good training on any one from different technologies (based on their business requirements).
    And quality of training is not based on the wipro centers, it depends on you and your trainer. Do well in training and create good base before climbing up corporate steps...
    All the best. :)

  3. thanks for reply.
    sorry, my name is kumar from chennai.
    i will do well in training.
    thanks j.r.teja

  4. It was awesome days in pune with you Teja Bhai.... Planning for lonawala and canceling it every week end. Finally we didnt go together there. But at-least we have gone to some local places. Fighting often for unnecessary reasons. But understood each other at some point of time. We used to have silly fights for telegu and tamil controversy. Used to go and have unlimited andra meals. Still we are missing pune home da... And I am missing your Areeyy, Banda, amini amma, arreey thoka, etc...Miss you..

  5. @Vijay: NADAAN Parindey.......
    and our chat about A. R Rehman...

  6. hi friends, my joining date is on 27th june 2011 and it was a great thing in my life.

    and in my training days,,, God such an enjoyment and different people like a college.

    and moreover my classes on these days........

  7. My First Day In WIRPO was Awesome....

  8. hi guys...

    my first day at Wipro was really tremendous.
    my reporting day is on july 7th 2011 and joining date is on july 11th 2011.both were in bangalore.
    i came to koramangala and from der to sarjapur in office bus.full day in sarjapur till 6pm then came to koramangala.
    that full day my dad was waiting for me to hear my first experience of entering into some place without him.he left me in koramangala and waited till my bus starts and then went to room. tat was really so much touchable feel i had from my dad the care he has on of our parents wil have teh same but myself its totaly i am sentimental idoit.then sarjapur welcomed me goodself.then new friends and new faculty(at first i thought they r faculty who guide as hw to report the docs ie.innocently)then break and lunch then report submitted and all doc over had a session with a senior guy and slides and instructions about wase,wipro,campus,employees,rules regulations,follwers blah blah blah/./...
    then had a great chatting to have a new group same like college(started) then nice conversations.then back to koramangala at 6pm.saw my sweet dad awaiting for my arrival.then radio started(myslef) telling about the whole day. nice day that was.still a gud smile and happiness cums when thinking tat.
    i had a new view over the corporate and new peoples around and new environment. really awesome day.
    started from breakfast till evening snacks it was new and totaly new rejoice i had.

    hope all our juniors will also have the same and more than this.
    WIPRO & WASEINS welcums YOU all.

    NO continuos but want to stop my poems.....bubye......have a great life.wish u all happinesss

  9. @vasupradha ,
    good to read your experience...
    keep experiencing each n every memnt of your life, specially in WIPRO...
    n keep sharing wit us...

  10. PPL please do not select chennai as your WASE location...
    Advice from you beloved senior...!!

  11. @vijaya raghavan.
    really re... i'm missing those days...
    we had a lot of fun...

  12. Hi Dudes I also enjoyed my first day @ WIPRO . I got new friends also.

  13. Sir
    I hve been selected for WASE and given Pune as prefered center. Should I reach Pune station and then come to Hinjewadi by bus or should I reach Mumbai first and then catch a bus for Pune?. Which would be better??


  14. Hi Jaideep,
    It depends on you.
    You need to report and then after one or two days, u have your joining day.
    So think accordingly....
    All the best, have a rocking life @ wipro...

  15. Hello
    What can be the tentative reporting date for PDC(approx date based on past incidents)

  16. sir,i gt a cal to report on 9th july
    Bt no further details r provided such as timing and location.
    M nt able 2 contact dem.. Wat shld i do?

  17. Contact them thought Phone or mail.
    or wait for the mail regarding joining details.

  18. My friend got the joining date from wipro but i didnt recieved mail regarding joining date.What should i do.

  19. i wants to bdc 2011 joining batch students details please send me

  20. @Anonymous : wait for few days or else contact to wipro, through phone or email.

    @Suresh : we don't have those details.

  21. Admin Can you please tell me what is the joining date of GDC??

  22. Joining date is totally depends on business requirement but WASE classes stated from JAN so joining date might be before JAN and fur further enquiry please write a mail

  23. My repoting date in WIPOR was 4th June 2012 at pune hinjewadi phase 1. When I recd the mail from the reporting team , I am very much fear about accomodation.
    On 4th June 2012, I report to pune and fill up the some form etc and at 6.00 PM, HR announce that our joining date in wipro is 11th June 2012.
    So due to long time distance between reporting date and joining date I returned back to mumbai(my home city) along with family.
    On 10th June 2012, early morning along with my family I again travel to Pune for finding the accomodation.
    When we reaches the Pune, fortunately We found one hostel.
    On 11th June 2012 I joined the WIPRO for pursuing the Pinnacle PRP training and that training was very horrible.
    Like this way I spent 3 month in Pune and fortunately I pass the PRP traning.
    After successsful of PRP training , We got some call from the project team for assigning the project. Some friend got project in diffent location and some of them sat on a freefool.
    After 6 th month in WIPRO I got a project at my preffered location and returned back to my preferred location. When I assign to project at preferred location that I am really very happy.

  24. hello
    i am prathna
    i am selected for wase n will b gtng a joing date btween june n oct.
    i wantd to knw that the degree provided in this wase program will be useful or not. people say it will nt be considered as PG. please reply ASAP
    my email id is-

  25. nice, very interesting post...

  26. hi.. I am completing my BCA. I am a new Waseian. So I would like to know the difference between the 4yrs MS course offered by BITS and a regular 3yrs MCA course done through an University.? Another thing to ask is, whether this MS Degree will have the same or lesser weightage outside Wipro Technologies.?

    1. See MCA to be frank is little less in priority wen compared to MS because Getting a MS degree after BCA is not possible but wipro is offering u this as a corporate program and coming to the point will MS have equal consideration outside wipro . Yes! it does have the same value and consideration because u get a full time degree certificate on completing WASE MS . So its a nice platform ... n frankly saying its a nice experience earing n studying at the same time n ul also have some challanges to balance both but at the end ul b happy doing it :)

  27. can anyone please tell me about the detailed syllabus of maths, for the wipro wase entrance :) thanks in advance :)


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