MS Semester II - Syllabus

2nd Semester subjects
SE** ZC212 Mathematics II
SE** ZC222 Advanced Programming Techniques
SE** ZC213 Probability & Statistics
SE** ZC241 Principles of Management

2nd Semester subjects for 2012 batch            -- Update on July 2012
System Programming
Advanced Programming Techniques
Computer Organization & Architecture 
Data Structure & Algorithms


  1. Course No. :SEWP ZC222
    Advanced Programming Techniques(APT)

    T1: Cay Horstmann, Object Oriented Design & Patterns, John Wiley & Sons, 2004

    ISBN : 0471744875

    R1 : Ramesh Vasappanavara et al, Object-oriented Programminh Using C++ and Java, First Impression, Pearson, 2011

    ISBN : 8131754553

    R2: R. G. Dromey, How to Solve it by Computer, Pearson Reprint, 2007

    ISBN : 8131705625

    R3: A.Michael Berman, Data Structures Via C++ Objects by Evolution, Oxford University Press,2007
    ISBN : 0195108434

    COURSE No. : SEWP ZC332
    COURSE TITLE : Systems Programming

    T1: Brian. W. Kernighan and Rob Pike, “The UNIX Programming Environment”, Prentice – Hall of India, Pvt. Ltd, 1984

    ISBN : 013937681X

    R1 : UNIX man pages – UNIX documentation –

    ISBN : --

    R2: Maurice J. Bach, “The Design of the Unix Operating System”, PHI, 1993

    ISBN : 8120305167

    R3: O'Reilly, Learning the vi Editor, 6th Edition, 1998, Arnold Robbins, Linda Lamb

    ISBN : 1565924266

    R4 : O'Reilly, Learning the bash Shell, 2nd Edition, By Cameron Newham, Publisher: O'Reilly [R1] Media, Released: March 2005, 3rd edition

    ISBN : 0596009658

    R5 : Leland L. Beck, “System Software – An Introduction to Systems Programming”, 3rd Edition, Pearson Education Asia,2006

    ISBN : 817758555x

    Course No. : SEWP ZC413
    Course Title : Computer Organization & Architecture(COA)

    T1: Stallings William, Computer Organization & Architecture, Pearson Education, 8th Ed., 2010.

    ISBN : 0136073735

    R1: Computer Organization by C Hamacher, Z Vranesic and S Zaky, McGrawHill 5th Ed. 2002

    ISBN : 0072320869

    R2: Computer Organization & Design, Hennenssy & D.A. Patterson, Morgan Kaufmann 4th Ed.2009

    ISBN : 0123744938

    COURSE No. : SEWPZC415
    COURSE TITLE : Data Structure & Algorithms(DSA)

    T1 :Goodrich, Michael T. & Roberto Tamassia, Algorithm Design, Wiley Singapore Edition, 2002.

    ISBN : 0471383651

    R1. Cormen, Thomash H., Leiserson, Charles E., Rivest, Ronald L., & Stein, Clifford. Introduction to Algorithms 3rd Edition. 2010

    ISBN : 8120340078


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