Microprocessor - True or False Questions

true or false


1. For a 16MB memory, memory location 50024 will always have a value which is greater than the value in location 5 (False)

2. All 8-bit address spaces are byte addressable (False)

3. An 8-bit register contains a value, The value 1 is written into it, the original value can still be recovered (False)

4. It is possible to have circuits that contains both P type and N type transistors  (True)

5. It is possible for a 3:8 decoder to have 3 out of the eight outputs asserted. (False)

6. It is possible to have a 5 input and gate (True)

7. For a two input NAND gate, it is possible that 3 out of 4 transistors are open circuited at a given time (False)

8. The p type and n type transistors of an inverter can never both be short circuited at the same time (True)

9.  Addressability of a machine can never be greater than its address space (False)

10. A function (call it *) is associative if (a*b)*c = a*(b*c).  Using this definition, NAND is an associative function (False)

11. DeMorgan's Law shows that we can implement any and-or function with a nand-nand function.  If the number of transisors through which a signal has to pass determines the delay of that signal, a nand-nand realisation of a function is faster than and-or realisation Hint: examine the transistor implementations of and, or, and nand. (True)

12. For a logic circuit to work as a storage element it is necessary that the ouput be fed back to the input (True).

13. If a memory has addressability of 4 bits then we need 2 bits to specify the address space (False)

14. It is not possible to have a 1 bit register (False)

15. The two outputs of a latch are always the complement of each other (True)


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