Eligibility for WIPRO WASE Program...

You must fulfill the following criteria to enroll into WASE
  • B.Sc. (CS / IT / Electronics / Physics / Mathematics /
  • Statistics) / BCA / BCM
  • 50% aggregate marks in 10th & 12th
  • 60% aggregate marks in graduation till date
  • Mathematics as one subject in 12th - Mandatory
  • Students currently in the final year of graduation
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wipro wase - MS degree

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  1. Hey.currently i am in BCA 5th sem and graduating in april 2013.Should i apply now or in after graduation...Please help i am seriously confused......................????????????

  2. You can apply now by sending your resume.
    But make sure that you will get good marks in last two semesters.
    All the best :)

  3. i hav 1 back in BCA 6th SEM , i ll clear that paper in 2013 so am i elegible to apply for WASE 2013 ?

  4. dear sir/madam i like to attend WASE exam but i got 79.52% in 10th,44% in pu & 77.11% is the avg of 4 semesters currently i am in BCA 5th sem whether i am eligible to attend

    1. http://careers.wipro.com/campus-science-wase-2015.aspx

  5. what kind of book i have to use to get thru wase exam? jow long the preparation take?

  6. FYI

    WASE Entrance Exam Syllabus:

    Verbal: This section will have questions on the lines of CAT and GMAT entrance examinations. It will include synonyms, antonyms, sentence structuring, grammar, paragraph comprehension, etc. Any guide books available for CAT and GMAT will assist you in the preparation of this section.

    Analytical: As above

    Mathematics: Questions will pertain to Trigonometry, Calculus, Differentiation, Algebra, Integration, Matrices and Coordinate Geometry. You will need to revise your 11th and 12th level mathematics to successfully attempt this section.

  7. NEERAJ : How do we will know that registration process has been started?

  8. hi i completed my graduation this year with 2 back logs...if i clear all by march 2013 will i elegible for wase 2013?...plz give info.

  9. sir/madam now i am studying b.sc final year but i have two back logs am i aligible for applying

  10. respected sir ,
    i am studying bsc it (distance) from kuvempu university through niit (gniit) ..
    am i eligible for the wase ??
    i have also done courses in linux , ccna , oracle 10g , as well as comptia A+ and N+
    from niit and planning to give global exams.

  11. Respected sir,
    Iam a Bsc chemistry graduate,graduated in may 2012,can I apply for wipro wase program as I know about this program through my friends and Iam quite eager to join up?Can I get an opportunity to do so,kindly let me know soon Iam from chennai

  12. hello sir, I have completed my graduation in 2012. So please let me know, am i illegible for WASE 2013?

  13. @all
    It is better to contact with manager.campus@wipro.com about eligibility criteria.

  14. Can students who have graduated in 2012 apply for WASE 2013?

  15. plz update the wase criteria .......


  16. I have studied business/commerce maths in my 12th..we didn't have much of trigonometry, calculus etc..am i eligible for WASE program??otherwise can i apply for WISTA ??

  17. dear sir
    i have filled resume few days back through wase website.how can i knw tht whether you have accepted my resume are not??

  18. sir/mam , unfortunately i missed WASE test on 19th of jan this year, could you please tell me the next date for the test, plz reply me at shiv.samm@gmail.com... eagerly waiting for your reply, thank you

  19. sir/mam,
    im studying in bsc.it,just i gave the exam of first and now i know about the WASE so can u tell me how i join the WASE.

  20. @Anonymous (January 26, 2013 at 4:47 PM)
    Yes, you can apply for wase

    WASE team will contact you when they start recruiting graduates for wase program.

    @shivam chaturvedi
    Check the wipro wase portal for latest updates.

    @Anonymous(April 17, 2013 at 1:45 PM)
    First exam means 1st semester..!!??
    Once you are in 6th semester, apply for wase and you will get a mail with the details of the interview.

    Note: Please mention your name while posting any comments, so that i can give reply indicating you in that.

    All the best all ☺

  21. am i bca graduate in 2012..so can i apply for wipro ways now??

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. i had completed 3 years polytechnic diploma after i m pursuing bsc(IT)from SMU-DE.I got 50% above in 10 and 12 but maths is not my main subject in 12 standard.so can i eligible for this program or not.Plz reply

  24. hey i am b.tech graduate with C.S.E. branch.Am I elegible for wipro wase

  25. hi,

    i am BCA student want to apply for WASE program
    but i have compartment in maths however i have pass certificate since maths was taken as additional subject.

    let me know if i am eligible for WASE

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. hello sir,
    i am a Bsc (it) student passed out in 2012, i want to apply for WASE program, what is the eligibility like qualification and age and etc....i have an experience as a lab assistance in nagarjuna degree college sangareddy

  28. Hello sir,
    I have completed my BSc(c.s) and currently working as a java developer. I have 1.5 years of experience. I would like to have a degree if I join wipro could I do this program?


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